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What are the latest trends in social media and litigation?

This week I plan to dedicate a few blog posts to highlighting some of the latest trends in social media and [fill in the blank]. Today, after the jump, it's social media and litigation… * * * Read more detail … Continue reading

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Proposed: Sovereign Immunity for Big Media

Having heard that a House-version of "Protect IP" was introduced last week, I made a quick check to see if this bill also contained a provision outsourcing judicial functions to private corporations. Sure enough, it does. Here's the relevant text, … Continue reading

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Law Firm Marketing: How Social Media Helps Attorneys Grow Their Sphere of Influence

In their recently published book titled Social Media for Lawyers: The Next Frontier (ABA, 2010), authors Carolyn Elefant and Nicole Black found only 12% of law firms are using social networks to actively promote their law firms, while 83% of … Continue reading

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Ghostwriting: Should the big names in social media write their own posts?

(Rachael Peli) Have you ever noticed that some of your favorite social media gurus and bloggers seem to post around the clock? I follow a good number of public relations professionals on Twitter, for example, and when I have insomnia, … Continue reading

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NLRB Report on social media

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) recently issued a report (24 page pdf) detailing how the NLRB has been addressing cases involving employees' use of social media and .employers' policies about the use of social media. The report uses 14 … Continue reading

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