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Being ICE means never having to say you’re sorry.

Suppose people come into your office telling the tale of Immigration and Customs Enforcement doing something off-the-wall illegal to deport someone. Now, you are quite shocked and think there must be some misunderstanding, so you run down to see the … Continue reading

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Fourth Amendment Protections in the Digital Age: Carpenter v. United States and What It Means for Individual Privacy Rights (Authored by Faruki Summer Associate John R. Bernans)

In today’s digital world, an individual’s reasonable expectation of privacy is constantly under the microscope.  So much of our lives are conducted through our phones, tablets, and computers and we rely on these devices for our professional, personal, and financial … Continue reading

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When help with wood pellet fuel means no right to buy

Milton Keynes Council v Bailey (HOUSING – Right to Buy) [2018] UKUT 207 (LC) A bit of an oddity, this one, but there is perhaps a broader principle. Paragraph 11 of Schedule 5 to Housing Act 1985 provides that a … Continue reading

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What Denying Asylum On Grounds Of Domestic Violence Means For Survivors

In the Matter of A-B- the government disqualified domestic violence claims as a basis of asylum except on narrow grounds. Those grounds will be near impossible for most asylum applicants to prove. The opinion demands that "An applicant seeking to… … Continue reading

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Can a Word Which Means a Lot (Aloha) Mean Almost Nothing in Trademark?

Hawaii seems to be on the mind here at DuetsBlog lately. Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting three Hawaiian islands for the first time. While there, I quickly became acquainted with Hawaiian life and language. It’s a beautiful … Continue reading

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