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Contingent Tuition As A Means of Access

I've had a few conversations lately about law schools that accept students with relatively low test scores and grades, and at which a noticeable percentage of students may drop out or be dismissed after the first year. Sometimes the practice… … Continue reading

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Means Test As Three Dimensional Chess

After an hour long initial consultation with a client, he tagged the means test with incredible clarity. It’s like playing three dimensional chess Pretty good assessment of the mess Congress made when it “reformed” bankruptcy law. We were juggling the … Continue reading

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“Public Domain” Does Not Mean What You Think It Means

Watch any news program, and you’ll often hear someone reference the “public domain.” For example, one commentator recently said that “a review of these new documents suggests a coordinated effort . . . to release information to the public domain … Continue reading

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Negotiated Settlement Means No Costs Award

After several motions and a series of settlement discussions, the parties were able to settle all the issues in their family dispute and ultimately, signed a settlement agreement. However, after the settlement the respondent, Mr. Dwyer, asked the court to … Continue reading

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No What? ZERO Means 0 and 0 Means ZERO!

Taking our discussion about Coke Zero a little further than Monday’s discussion, is it any wonder that “zero” stands for nothing, none, nada, when it comes to calories, given icons like this one: In other words, it doesn’t and it can’t hold trademark … Continue reading

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