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"Well, he's a patent attorney. Maybe his tie is pending."

It's about 1.5 years since "Big Bang" aired "The Application Deterioration" on March 10, 2016.Having come up with an idea for patenting, the characters learn from the university patent attorney that the university will get 75% of the total proceeds … Continue reading

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“Maybe you just shouldn’t collect debts in Illinois”

Two weeks ago, we attended the ACA International Annual Convention in Nashville.  One of the more interesting discussions focused on compliance lessons creditors and debt collectors can take away from recent court decisions. Some of them were easy. For example, … Continue reading

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Maybe you need a babysitter

After yesterday’s post about scheduling time to do things you’re not getting done, (in this case, reading time), a subscriber wrote: “I’ve TRIED something like this many times, but I always just ignore the scheduled thing. Any tips for getting … Continue reading

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The FTC Formed a Blockchain Working Group (And Maybe That’s A Good Thing)

The FTC just announced that it, too, will join the federal government’s growing crypto/blockchain regulation club, right alongside the ranks of the SEC, CFTC, and Congress. Officially, this means the FTC has now created its own internal “Blockchain Working Group.” … Continue reading

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Can I Use that Photo? No. Yes. Maybe?

Businesses often have a need to make use of photographs as decorative art, for illustration, in connection with programs, events, or seminars, or for other purposes. For photographs not created by the respective business, the question arises whether photos from … Continue reading

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