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The Service has Commerciality and [maybe] Private Benefit Hopelessly Wrong in Panera Bread Foundation, Inc. v. Commissioner (Part II)

Yesterday, I talked about the Service's assertion that Panera Bread Foundation, Inc.'s tax exempt status should be revoked because the Foundation violates the commerciality doctrine. The second basis for revocation, according to the Service is that Panera Bread Foundation violates… … Continue reading

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Crips as a brand? Why not? I mean, sure, maybe

Can the Crips be a brand? DuetsBlog asks the question. Me, um, I've got no opinion, one way or the other. The post Crips as a brand? Why not? I mean, sure, maybe appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™. Read … Continue reading

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Maybe You Can’t Get a Comment from Peter Carr, But I Can

Who says Peter Carr, spokesman for the Mueller investigation, always gives “no comment”? This morning, Benjamin Wittes and I were writing a piece for The Atlantic, which included a line about the staffing of the special counsel’s office. President Trump … Continue reading

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Is Life Insurance Policy Lapse the end of the story? Maybe not! … [or, “What is the Notice Prejudice Rule?”]

Maybe you’ve heard (or experienced) the tragic story of someone becoming ill, forgetting or being unable to pay their life insurance premium, only to see the policy lapse at the time it is needed most. It’s more common than you … Continue reading

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Everyone has a favorite Kant story (or maybe not)

At next Tuesday's NYU Tax Policy Colloquium, we will be discussing with John Roemer a paper on Kantian cooperation and (inter alia) tax policy.I see about an 80% chance that I will end up recounting the tale of the unfair … Continue reading

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