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Three ways to maximize the career potential in each of your law school summers

What are you planning on doing this and maybe the next few summers? If you plan it well, three years of law school can provide you with up to four summers’ worth of work experience in law/related fields. From traditional … Continue reading

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Safely and Effectively Maximize Your Legal Case Management Budget

Since the early 1990’s, case management software has steadily increased its market share year over year. As the practice of law became more complex, using tools to manage this complexity has become a necessity for big and small firms alike. … Continue reading

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Top Drivers to Maximize Your Company’s Valuation

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) activity hit record highs in the United States and around the world during the first half of 2018. Energy & power, media & entertainment, and health care were the leading sectors in terms of deal value. … Continue reading

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With the EU’s Global Data Protection Regulation Quickly Approaching, Policyholders Should Act Now to Maximize Insurance Coverage for Its Potentially Staggering Liabilities

May 25, 2018 should be a day circled on many company calendars. On that day, the European Union’s long-awaited Global Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) will go into effect.  It is crucial for U.S. companies to prepare for the GDPR, as … Continue reading

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When Social Norms for Innovation Don’t Maximize Social Welfare

Stephanie Bair & Laura Pedraza-Fariña, Anti-Innovation Norms, 112 Nw. U. L. Rev. 1069 (2018). Christopher J. Buccafusco For more than a decade, intellectual property scholars have demonstrated how informal social norms can efficiently substitute for formal legal protections to promote … Continue reading

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