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While writing about high profile divorces is a means of attracting readers, it really leaves most of us feeling “empty” when it comes to how it relates to our ordinary lives. But the announcement this week of the divorce agreement … Continue reading

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Design Thinking Matters – A Wish for 2019

Last week, I had the opportunity to sit with 15 members of a large law firm’s administrative team for about 2 hours as I facilitated a Design Thinking workshop. Design Thinking is thoughtful as well as free flowing, a bit … Continue reading

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How Law Professors Address Sexual Assault Matters to Students

This Thursday, the Republican controlled Senate Judiciary Committee will hold its 5th day of hearings on the controversial Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s nomination to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States the Supreme Court. The … Continue reading

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Why MFA (Multifactor Authentication) Matters

Passwords Suck Yes, I said it. Passwords suck. They are not protecting your company, and they explicitly contribute to a false sense of security. Cyber attacks, specifically Spear Phishing, Vishing, and Whaling have increased significantly over the past couple of … Continue reading

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Speed matters: four tactical approaches to speeding up divestitures and maximizing value

With pressure to increase shareholder value from low productivity assets, many companies are exploring the idea of divestures. Yet, a recent article by McKinsey & Company suggests that only 29 percent of divestitures achieve win-win scenarios, whereby both the parent … Continue reading

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