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USCIS to Adjudicate Recent Asylum Filings Over Older Applications to Combat Massive Backlog

“Last in but, First Out” Really! Yes really! Zero sense!!! This was a reaction of many lawyers and asylums seekers  when  on January 30th, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the agency responsible for overseeing the nation’s legal immigration … Continue reading

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Reflections on GE’s Massive Run-Off Insurance-Related Charge

In his recent one-volume history of American capitalism, “Americana,” author Bhu Srivnivasan recounts the rise of many of the country’s large corporations in the late 19th century, including the long-standing U.S. industry stalwart, General Electric. GE was formed when Wall … Continue reading

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Massive new data set suggests economic inequality is about to get even worse

Washington Post – “…inquiries into how fast wealth grows relative to the economy have been hampered by a lack of good, complete, comparable long-term data on the rates of return for various assets: stocks, bonds, real estate and the like. You’d … Continue reading

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Massive Native American discovery shocks scientists

A groundbreaking new study published in the journal Nature indicates that everything we know about how the first Native Americans got here may be wrong. The findings are based on the DNA analysis of infant remains discovered in Alaska around … Continue reading

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Trump proposed a massive expansion of offshore drilling—what can states do?

Enlarge / Aerial view of an oil production platform in the Gulf of Mexico with a flare of the coast of Port Fourchon, Louisiana's southernmost port, where land loss due to coastal erosion is estimated to be more than the … Continue reading

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