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Pedestrian Struck by Car in Store Parking Lot Brings Maryland Negligence Claim Against Driver

Pedestrians can suffer serious and life-long injuries in Maryland car accidents, even when traveling at a low speed. In an October 3, 2017 case, a plaintiff was struck by a car as she walked from the parking lot toward the … Continue reading

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The Circumstances and Standards Under Which One Spouse Can Receive a Monetary Payment as Part of a Divorce in Maryland

Distributing marital property can be one of the most complex elements of any divorce, especially one in which minor children are not involved. Sometimes, in order to achieve a genuinely equitable outcome, it may be necessary for a trial judge … Continue reading

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Father’s Ill-Timed Appeal Costs Him in His Maryland Child Support Modification Case

There is the saying that “timing is everything.” While timing may not be everything in your family law case, it certainly is an important thing and can be a “make or break” thing in some cases. Making sure that all … Continue reading

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Maryland Appellate Court Upholds Lower Court Ruling, Retrial, in Syed Case, Featured On "Serial" @serial

The Maryland Special Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court ruling overturning Adnan Syed's conviction for murder and ordering a new trial. The first season of the popular podcast Serial featured Mr. Syed's trial, conviction, and appeals over the … Continue reading

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Patient Dumping Incident in Maryland

No one should be denied emergency medical care due to an inability or perceived inability to pay for it. If you or someone close to you has been injured due to patient dumping, a skilled Baltimore hospital negligence attorney can … Continue reading

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