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Moroccan Law Criminalizes Forced Marriage And Sexual Violence

From BBC News: The law includes a ban on forced marriage, sexual harassment in public places, and tougher penalties for certain forms of violence. It has been criticised by Human Rights Watch for not explicitly criminalising marital rape and lacking… … Continue reading

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Marriage Based Petition and Adjustment of Status Green Card Approval for Indian Client in California

CASE: Marriage-Based Adjustment of Status NATIONALITY: India                                                                                                        LOCATION: Chatsworth, CA Our client is from India who came to the U.S. on an F-1 student visa to pursue his graduate studies. In March 2018, our client married his current U.S. citizen … Continue reading

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B.C. Woman Says she is “Trapped” in Her Marriage After Iranian Court Refuses to Grant her a Divorce

We’ve previously written about foreign divorce, including whether an Ontario court has the jurisdiction to make decisions regarding child support and child support after a court outside of Canada has granted a foreign divorce. This week, we explore foreign divorce … Continue reading

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5 Ways a Divorce Can be Healthier than Staying in an Unhappy Marriage

Despite the fact that over 800,000 divorces occur throughout the United States each year, many Americans still view divorce as a worst-case scenario. Divorce can bring a number of complications into your life, including child custody battles, disagreements about property … Continue reading

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Signs of a Successful Marriage

Even the healthiest and most stable marriages have times of doubt. Feelings of stress and uncertainty arising out of an argument, for example, can lead to one party or both parties questioning if the marriage is one that will last. … Continue reading

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