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Making Sense of NOAA's Wildfire Announcement

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross just released a statement directing NOAA to "facilitate" water use to respond to California's wildfires (the statement follows several tweets in which President Trump implied that the cause of California's wildfires was the state's ill-advised… … Continue reading

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Are you making money reading this?

I’ve never watched “Shark Tank” but I read an article about Kevin O’Leary, one of the investors who appears on it. It was about how he gets so much done. One thing he suggests would drive me crazy. “Prioritize every … Continue reading

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What Happens When You and Your Child’s Other Florida-Based Parent are Hopelessly Deadlocked in Making an Important Child Welfare Decision?

Many courts, when facing a divorce or paternity case, award the parents shared parental responsibility. In fact, shared parental responsibility is the default option that will be implemented unless there is proof that such a custody arrangement would be against … Continue reading

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Variations on a Prenup: Making Multigenerational Homeownership Work

I recently read a New York Times article addressing the growing trend of multigenerational households and the benefits of a so-called ‘prenup’ for this type of homeownership. The reasons for a contractual arrangement about home ownership for families can range … Continue reading

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Lack of inheritance tax is making inequality worse, think-tank study suggests

A group called the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) has been looking at the question of inheritance tax. Specifically, they have noticed that Canada is the only G7 country without an inheritance tax and they suggest that perhaps we … Continue reading

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