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Why part-time law school still makes sense

My dad loves to remind me how he paid for his education.  He scrubbed toilets during college and worked as a punch card programmer to pay for law school.  He is making a point about hard work, but all I … Continue reading

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Tax Return Preparer Fraud Makes the IRS “Dirty Dozen” for 2019

The Internal Revenue Service has included tax return preparer fraud on its “Dirty Dozen” list of common tax scams for 2019 and offered tips to help taxpayers avoid unscrupulous tax preparers. With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the most … Continue reading

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What Makes a High Net Worth Divorce Different?

A high net worth divorce is often different from other divorces due to the diversity and complexity of properties owned and the debts that are incurred. In a high net worth divorce, you are more likely to encounter complex property … Continue reading

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New report details big decrease in pedestrian fatalities in marijuana legalization states … but makes no mention of trend despite fear-mongering last year

In this post last year, titled "New report suggests big increase in pedestrian fatalities in marijuana legalization states… but only by leaving out California," I noted a big report by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) which expressed concern about … Continue reading

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NYC Makes Zoning Resolution Available On-Line

The following is from CityLand: he City’s zoning laws are now instantly accessible to New Yorkers. On February 6, 2019, Department of City Planning Director Marisa Lago announced the release of the City’s digital Zoning Resolution online platform. The online platform will serve as … Continue reading

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