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Dramatic Progress Made in Testing for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Researchers at Stanford University recently made exciting and significant progress toward developing a possible diagnostic test for chronic fatigue syndrome, or ME/CFS. In a pilot study of 40 people, half healthy and half with ME/CFS, all of the patients with … Continue reading

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Importer Liability for Foreign Made Products

Liability for products manufactured in China may not be covered under a products liability insurance policy, and it may not even be possible for an injured party to pursue a claim against the manufacturer. This shifts significant products liability exposure … Continue reading

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‘Climate denial’ just made it into the dictionary. Wait, what?

Grist: “The world is on fire, and so is our vocabulary. Merriam-Webster added 640 new words to its online dictionary last week. The additions include swole (“extremely muscular”), new meanings for snowflake (someone who is “treated as unique or special” … Continue reading

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A probationary employee may be summarily terminated during his or her probationary period provided it is not unlawful or made in bad faith

When the New York City Department of Education [DOE] terminated an individual [Educator] serving in a civil service position in the Unclassified Service* during his probationary period, Educator file a petition pursuant to CPLR Article 78 seeking a court order … Continue reading

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Made A Mistake On Your Tax Return? 15 Things You Need To Know

photocredit: Getty Most folks assume that work for tax professionals tapers off after Tax Day, but for many of us, the pace actually picks up. This is often the time when the tough questions begin. And chief among them: What … Continue reading

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