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Did a Caretaker Hurt Your Loved One?

When you entrust your loved one to a caretaker, you have certain expectations. First and foremost, you want someone who will take care of your family member in your place. You need a trustworthy person who is responsive and compassionate. … Continue reading

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Infographic: Nursing Home Abuse: Everything Loved Ones Should Know

Compassionate Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Offers Advice Nursing homes are centers that offer care for the elderly, individuals suffering from dementia, and those who need a safe, comfortable living environment. According to the U.S. Bureau of Census, five percent … Continue reading

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What Can You Do If You're Denied Visitation With An Incapacitated Loved One?

Recent news is replete with stories about spouses, guardians and caregivers accused of refusing to allow family members to visit an incapacitated loved one. These stories have made headlines because they involved celebrities. Among them were disc jockey Casey Kasem … Continue reading

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Choosing a Safe, Quality Nursing Home For Your Loved One

If you’re entertaining the idea of putting your friend or family into a nursing home— it’s important to do your research. Elder abuse, unfortunately, is a common occurrence in many assisted living facilities. So, it’s important to pick a safe, … Continue reading

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Understand Basics of New FINRA Rules to Prevent Financial Exploitation of Vulnerable Loved Ones

By Stacy Sadove, Esq., Littman Krooks LLP In a positive development for seniors and individuals with disabilities, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) has just approved the adoption of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (“FINRA”) Rule 2165 (Financial … Continue reading

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