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Voters Hold Bob McCulloch Accountable in St. Louis County

Momentum for a progressive prosecutorial revolution is building. This week, voters in St. Louis County sent a clear message of support for the creation of a smarter justice system.  In the race for St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney, the incumbent … Continue reading

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St. Louis County Doctor Pleads Guilty to Obstructing FBI Investigation When He Responded to Subpoena Requesting Medical Records

One way for the government to build a case against someone is by issuing a subpoena for records and seeing whether the business or person responding produces record that are false or misleading. This allows the government to not have … Continue reading

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St. Louis Work Comp: New Workers Suffering More Injuries on the Job

If you are a new hire in an industry with a high turnover rate, you are at greater risk to be injured while performing your job. Statistics released by the Institute for Work & Health show that a new employee … Continue reading

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Court Protects Louis Vuitton from Inability to Understand Obvious Joke

For the past several years, DuetsBlog has covered fashion house Louis Vuitton’s outlandish trademark “bullying” against law schools, dog toys, photographers, and movie studios. Most recently, we discussed the brand’s latest high-profile lawsuit against rival luxury canvas tote maker (sarcasm), … Continue reading

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New DNA Evidence Proves St. Louis Man's Innocence

The Innocence Project filed papers in a Missouri court this morning presenting compelling evidence that a St. Louis man, George Allen, Jr., (left) has served more than 29 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. The legal petition, … Continue reading

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