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Ninth Circuit: No Crime Policy Coverage for Social Engineering Fraud Losses

Along with all of the other risks arising from companies’ increasing dependence on electronics communications and data storage technology has come not only the risks of a data breach caused by a hacker, but also the risk of a company’s … Continue reading

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Griffin Capital Essential Asset REIT Investors May Have Substantial Losses Based On Recent Tender Offer For $6.89/Share

Investors in Griffin Capital Essential Asset REIT, Inc. (“Griffin Essential”), may have substantial losses based on a tender offer to purchase shares for $6.89 a share — or $3.11 a share less than the offering price of $10 a share.  … Continue reading

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“Yield Enhancement” Options Strategies, Including UBS “Iron Condors” Program, May Cause Outsized Losses

In response to the low interest rate environment that has prevailed for a decade, many brokerage firms — including well-known wirehouses such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and UBS — have reportedly recommended various options strategies to their customers as … Continue reading

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401k Losses? You May Have a Claim for Financial Fraud

As an employee who is saving for retirement, you are told to expect variations in the value of your 401k over time. The market fluctuates. Unanticipated events impact the value of blue chip stocks. But, in the end, if you … Continue reading

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Inventrust Shares Subject of $1.49 A Share Tender Offer- Investors Face Heavy Losses

In the past six months alone, several third-party real estate investment firms have launched unsolicited tender offers to purchase InvenTrust Properties Inc. (“InvenTrust”) shares at a significant discount.  InvenTrust investors may have arbitration claims to be pursued before FINRA, in … Continue reading

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