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You May Be A Loser (Does the Recent Publishers Clearing House Class Action Lawsuit Portend Changes in Sweepstakes Law?)

On April 23, 2018, 13 disgruntled senior citizens, led by a retired and disabled veteran who for seven years purchased hundreds of items from Publishers Clearing House (PCH) believing this would increase his chance of winning the PCH Sweepstakes, sued … Continue reading

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Who Is The Loser?

The Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board proposes disbarment for an attorney's fraudulent efforts to secure ownership to three properties In the charges, ODC alleges that the Respondent violated Rules of Professional Conduct 3.3(a) and (d) and 8.4(c) when he engaged in… … Continue reading

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Tort Reform In Texas: Loser Pays Rule Signed Into Law

With a hat tip to the California Civil Justice Blog, earlier this week Texas enacted a "loser pays" system that proponents say will help rid the system of meritless cases. House Bill 274 takes effect September 1, 2011 and directs … Continue reading

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The Biggest Loser

When Ally Bank and Bank of America settled with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac several weeks ago on repurchase request claims made by the GSEs, there was speculation in the trade press that these settlements might pave the way for … Continue reading

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