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Will opioid crisis raise red flags for long-term antidepressant use?

Even as the nation enters an even scarier phase in its battle against the raging opioid abuse epidemic, new and sterner warnings are flying about antidepressants. The costs of these powerful drugs add up, as does the toll of depression … Continue reading

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Long-term Survival of PDF/A Files

PDF/A is widely marketed and regarded as a preservation file format. However, a recently published article, “PDF/A Considered Harmful for Digital Preservation” by Marco Klindt serves as a prudent reminder that the PDF/A file format is not a comprehensive solution for preservation in … Continue reading

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How to Fight ERISA Long-Term Disability Claims Denials: The Use of Personal Statements

Pain is a highly subjective, personal phenomenon. Only the person suffering from pain can adequately describe that pain and how that person is affected by the pain. And we know that one person may be capable of tolerating a completely … Continue reading

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Sick and injured battered by costs of hospitalization, long-term care, bad jobs

Illness and accidents batter and beggar Americans worse than many of us realize. New studies show it’s not just the cost of medical services but also long-term care and loss of jobs staggering the lives and finances of too many. … Continue reading

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Electric Vehicles Will Have a Long-Term Impact on the Gas Tax

This week, the Trump administration is expected to release a plan to encourage more infrastructure-related projects. A new White House budget proposal allocates almost $200 billion of existing infrastructure spending to new projects over the next decade. The plan does … Continue reading

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