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Diaz v. Grill Concepts: Ignorance Is (No Longer) Bliss

In May of 2018, a California appellate court handed down an important decision clarifying employers’ liability for waiting time penalties. In Diaz v. Grill Concepts Services, Inc., No. B280846 (2d District, May 24, 2018) (slip op. available here), the Second … Continue reading

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Sentencing Update: California Doctor Sentenced To 63 Months In Federal Prison For Health Care Fraud. Doctor's Testimony At Trial Resulted in Longer Sentence. Doctor Husband Sentenced to One Year and One Day.

In federal court, one important issue is whether to testify or not testify. It is a more critical issue in federal court due to a federal judge's ability to increase the sentence for "obstruction" if the judge thinks the defendant … Continue reading

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Alimony Is No Longer Deductible Under Tax Reform

From AccountingToday: Over 600,000 taxpayers claimed a deduction for alimony on their 2015 returns, but for divorces entered into after 2018, alimony will no longer be deductible by the payor and the income will not be taxed to the recipient,… … Continue reading

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Irish State Funded Catholic Schools Can No Longer Admit With Religious Preferences

CNN today reports on the change in school admission policies in Ireland that take effect this school year.  Some 90% of state-funded primary schools in Ireland are Catholic.  In the past, they have given priority to children who have been … Continue reading

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claim that bulb lasts "up to" 25 times longer isn't puffery

Young v. Cree, Inc., 2018 WL 3659305, No. 17-cv-06252-YGR (N.D. Cal. Aug. 2, 2018)Young alleged that Cree engaged in an “unfair and deceptive practice of … promising consumers” that Cree’s light-emitting-diode bulbs “will last for particularly long periods of time … Continue reading

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