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How to Get a Copy of a Long Term Care Insurance Policy?

When a parent reaches the point of needing long term medical or assistive care, sometimes a family member cannot locate the actual policy even if they know a long term care insurance policy exists.  How do you get a copy … Continue reading

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Long Term Care Insurance Versus Medicare: What is Really Covered and Why It’s Important to Fight for Insurance Benefits

Let’s face it, many people stuck in the middle taking care of both elderly parents and their own children, are overwhelmed when the Long Term Care Insurance company denies coverage for their loved ones.  Who has the time to deal … Continue reading

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GDPR: Long Arm of EU Law in the U.S.

In my first blog post on GDPR, I talked about why some U.S. businesses have an obligation to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This post expands on the territorial scope of GDPR. Which U.S. businesses … Continue reading

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How long should a law blog post be?

However long it takes to say what you have to say. No more. No less. Everywhere I talk these days I am asked what’s the proper length for a law blog post. I give this answer everytime. I fear the … Continue reading

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How Long Does a Will Remain Valid?

A will is generally valid until you either revoke it or modify it by adding a codicil. Whether your will was made last week or several decades ago, it continues to be a legally binding document if you haven’t take … Continue reading

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