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Speaking at Two Local Events This Week

Wednesday morning I’ll be one of the panelists at UM’s Data Privacy Day event. Among the incendiary things I plan to say is that the University should be more open to the use of Tor and VPNs on its network. … Continue reading

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What State and Local Laws Will Fly When it Comes to Drones?

Tressie McKeon writes: Drone laws today are confusing.  Looking around the country we see that many states and cities have passed their own laws and regulations to ban or restrict the use of drones.  For example, in Texas, Texas Government … Continue reading

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Some information on local sex offence teachers must be disclosed, rules tribunal

In Colleen Smith v IC and Devon & Cornwall Constabulary (EA/2011/0006), the requester asked for information on the number of school teachers in specified towns who had been investigated, cautioned and charged under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 between January … Continue reading

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Local Currency Regimes: Part 2 of 2

This post is part 2 in a short series on local currency regimes. Part 1 can be found here. We ended Part 1 with a discussion of the federal legal framework for currency issuance as part of a broader discussion … Continue reading

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New Law Blog Worth Following: The Municipal Minute (Local Government Law)

For anyone who deals with state, municipal, and local government law, here's a must-follow blog: The Municipal Minute, produced by our ABA State & Local Government Law Section colleague (and fellow U. Hawaii Law alum) Julie A. Tappendorf. Julie is … Continue reading

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