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Latest Roundup of Indian Cases Shows Courts Tackling Marketing Intangibles, Loan Guarantees

A recent survey of Indian transfer pricing cases reveals that while the country's international tax appellate tribunals are beginning to touch on substantive transfer pricing issues, such as the treatment of marketing intangibles and loan guarantees, many of the ITAT … Continue reading

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Mortgage Loan Fraud Suspicious Activity Reports Increasing

In a Second Quarter 2011 Analysis of mortgage loan fraud suspicious activity reports, financial institutions filed 29,558 Mortgage Loan Fraud SARs in the second quarter of 2011, up from 15,727 reported in the same quarter of 2010. Read more detail … Continue reading

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Loan Forgiveness = Dem Victory in 2012?

If the volume of traffic that made its way to our recent posting on loan forgiveness is any indication, it is clearly a very hot topic right now. Based on the comments and feedback we received, it is also one … Continue reading

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7 Year Sentence Handed Down for Loan Fraud

Francis Alan Schmitz, aka "F. Alan Schmitz," 60, Long Grove, Illinois, a former bank executive, was sentenced to seven years in federal prison for fraudulently obtaining more than $6 million in bank loans and other funds that resulted in losses … Continue reading

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Can You Wipe Out A Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan in Bankruptcy?

The short answer is, yes, a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan is considered a dischargeable debt. New entrepreneurs or small business owners who are looking to revamp their business sometimes need an additional guarantor on a loan, due to certain … Continue reading

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