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Deadly Legionnaires’ Outbreak at Promenade Assisted Living Facility Legionnaires’ in Guilderland, NY

One person has died and another has been infected with Legionella bacteria in a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak that the Albany County Health Department has linked to the Promenade Assisted Living facility.  The Promenade Assisted Living facility is located in Guilderland … Continue reading

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You Don’t Need A College Degree to Earn a Decent Living

 If you want to earn more, you have to get a college degree. While it’s true that individuals with college degrees earn more, you can still earn a decent living even if you don’t have a degree. What if college … Continue reading

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How much money does it cost you for to pay for your regular living expenses?

Whether you are trying to improve your credit score or contemplating filing for bankruptcy, you must get a handle on your monthly budget. What is your total “net” monthly income including other benefit amounts? How much money does it cost … Continue reading

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What is a Living Trust and why do I need one?

What is a living trust?  How is a living trust different from a will?  Is a living trust better than a will? Yes… Read more below. A living trust is a legal document that partially replaces a will. Sometimes it … Continue reading

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THE 21ST CENTURY IS NOT LIVING UP TO EXPECTATIONS: Robots Ruin Robot Hotel. Read more detail on Recent Law Professor posts –

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