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Why a Maryland Husband Still Owed Alimony Even After Proving that His Ex-Wife Was Living With Her Romantic Partner

When you are negotiating a separation agreement, it is important to “sweat the small stuff,” or more advisably, retain an experienced Maryland divorce attorney to “sweat the small stuff” for you. Each detail in your agreement is binding, and small … Continue reading

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Preparing Children For Living in Two Homes After Divorce

The end of a marriage can be difficult for all family members, but when parents decide to get a divorce, they may not realize the effects that it can have on their children. Even when parents do their best to … Continue reading

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The Year of Living Dangerously: One Year of President Trump — Top Five Most Memorable Moves by President Trump on Immigration Law and Enforcement. The Shutdown of the Federal Government.

Today marks Donald Trump's one year anniversary as President of the United States. Although fingers are pointing in different directions, Congress has forever marked the anniversary with a shutdown of the federal government. The latest congressional stalemate is in no… … Continue reading

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Chalmers on The Chamleon Subject: Representation, Law, and the Problem of Living Dead @MelbLawSchool

Shane Chalmers, Institute for International Law and the Humanities, Melbourne Law School, is publishing The Chameleon Subject — Representation, Law, and the Problem of Living Dead, in Law, Culture, and the Humanities. Here is the abstract. This essay is concerned … Continue reading

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Why Activities of Daily Living are so Important to your Social Security Disability Claim

When you pursue disability benefits, you will be asked to fill out numerous forms by Social Security. You will find that many of these forms are repetitive – they seem to ask for the same information over and over. Having … Continue reading

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