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Seat Belts Save Lives, for Rear Seat Car Accident Passengers Too

As Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer Joseph Lipsky knows, there is an ongoing battle with making rear-seat passengers wear their seat belts, often time with deadly results. A recent report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that … Continue reading

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Why the FCC should prevent ISPs from micromanaging our lives

This piece is co-written by Brett Frischmann and Evan Selinger*.  Network neutrality prevents broadband Internet service providers from micromanaging our lives online. Constraining the networks this way enables and even empowers Internet users to be active and productive human beings … Continue reading

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How Much Are The Mentally Disableds' Lives Worth In New York (Hint: ZERO!)

Just read a great article in the New York Times about developmentally disabled people in New York State care, or in the care of not-for-profit homes charged by the State to care for them, who die for "reasons other than … Continue reading

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Agency Calculations of the Value of Statistical Lives Saved

As the Obama Administration seeks to reduce the regulatory burden on businesses (see related RegBlog post), the dollar value its regulatory agencies place on human life has garnered considerable attention. A recent report in the New York Times suggests that … Continue reading

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American Buddha: The Injured Copyright Can Sue In NY Where It Lives

Personal jurisdiction is a matter of state law. NY copyright owner (Penguin) sues Oregon/Arizona entity in New York for uploading copyrighted works onto website. The Federal District Court dismisses for lack of long arm jurisdiction under NY's statute. Looking to … Continue reading

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