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Special advocates: Law students making a difference in children’s lives

For abused and neglected children in transition, sometimes their strongest advocate isn’t a lawyer. Sometimes it’s a law student or someone else from the community simply willing to spend time with them and listen to their needs. Each year a … Continue reading

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Seat Belts Save Lives

Do You Need to Find a Lawyer in Roanoke, VA? I remember when there were no laws regarding seat belt use and when the first law was passed in Virginia requiring seat belts to be worn by front seat passengers.  … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Hero Spotlight: Commemorating the lives of Jim and Frank, Two Navy Veterans

Memorial Day, the day we remember the millions of brave veterans who died defending our freedom, celebrates its 52nd official holiday this year. While many of our armed service members died fighting in battles abroad, many others have died at … Continue reading

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month: Take Steps to Work for More Understanding to Save Lives

By Marion M. Walsh, Esq., Littman Krooks LLP Imagine you have an illness that is invisible.  You look healthy and are functioning on the surface but are in pain all the time, both emotionally and physically.  The illness saps all … Continue reading

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Advancing Regulatory Policy to Improve the Lives of the American People

Why should government intervene in the economy? The fundamental economic justification is that markets occasionally fail. The government can intervene in those markets in ways to make them work better and make us—the whole of society—better off. This is the … Continue reading

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