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What are the latest trends in social media and litigation?

This week I plan to dedicate a few blog posts to highlighting some of the latest trends in social media and [fill in the blank]. Today, after the jump, it's social media and litigation… * * * Read more detail … Continue reading

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Qualified immunity of public officials in litigation

Qualified immunity of public officials in litigation Sonnleitner v York, et al, 304 F.3d 704 Sometimes public officials are named as respondents in a lawsuit. The Sonnleitner case considers a qualified immunity defense available to such officials in connection with … Continue reading

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Current Trends in Securities Litigation from WestlawInsider

Courtesy of WestlawInsider, understand the current trends in securities litigation by understanding this area of law and its developments over the last forty years. Read about key decisions relating to securities law litigation and gain a deeper knowledge of the … Continue reading

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SCOTUS for law students: Health-care litigation

As law students around the country settle in for the new semester, there is no hotter legal question than the fate of the health care law – the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as the Affordable Care … Continue reading

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In Virginia, the prevailing party in an action is not entitled to recover attorneys' fees absent fraud, a specific statutory authority granting attorneys' fees, or a contractual provision providing for such an award. This is the "American Plan," every party … Continue reading

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