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Lisa P. Jackson – Who Is She?

President-elect Barack Obama also appears ready to name Lisa P. Jackson, as the new administrator of the USEPA. Will that mean more enforcement? Who knows may be the best answer. So, what do we know about Ms. Jackson? Ms. Jackson… … Continue reading

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Tax policy colloquium, week 7: Lisa Philipps’ Gendering the Analysis of Tax Expenditures: Bridging Two Solititudes in Canadian Tax Policy

This past Tuesday, Lisa Philipps presented the above-titledpaper, happily the day before (rather than that of) our hideous Nor’easter. I was unable to post the next day, as I usually do, due to the crush of other obligations, but now, … Continue reading

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Lisa M. Davis, of High Springs Dies In A Four Vehicle Crash On I-75

A 52-year-old woman dies on Friday in a four-vehicle crash in Gainesville, FL. The crash happened on March 3 at mile marker 393 and north of 53rd Avenue at around 11 a.m. which caused a road closure for about four … Continue reading

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Lisa Kantor to Participate in Live Q&A About Insurance and Eating Disorders

The International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals will stream an encore of Kantor & Kantor partner Lisa Kantor's 2011 symposium presentation How to Document Evidence Based Treatment to Maximize Insurance Reimbursement, followed by a live teleconference call with Ms. Kantor … Continue reading

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What's Too Much Information for Students? Guest Post by Lisa McElroy

Last week, reading Mike and Neil's posts about their memories of 9/11, I thought a lot about whether I should blog about my own. At first, I decided not to, because the official story, the one my students know about … Continue reading

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