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Latin American Research Review: Links to Articles in Vol 54(1)

Happy to pass along the links to what looks like some very interesting new work from the latest issue of the Latin American Research Review.The Latin American Research Review (LARR) is the academic journal of the Latin American Studies Association. … Continue reading

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Examining state medical marijuana programs and historic links to alcohol prohibition

A set of students in my Marijuana Law, Policy & Reform seminar are taking a deep dive into state medical marijuana programs this coming week. Here is how they explain their planned presentation and links to some background reading: For … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s List of Links for those interested in visuals + law

Open Law Lab Blog – Margaret Hagan: “I was having a conversation with a professor this morning who is interested in amplifying her work in doing diagramming, drawing, and visualizations in law. We had a great conversation, and I pulled … Continue reading

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"The Problem of the Enterprise and the Enterprise of Law: Regulating the Multinational Enterprise as Entity, as a Network of Links, and as a Process of Production"

The conception and use of the multinational enterprise as a basis for regulatory analysis and policy has interested me for some time (e.g., The Concept of Constitutionalization and the Multi-Corporate Enterprise in the 21st Century; Regulating Multinational Corporations — Trends, … Continue reading

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Content Links: Caribbean Marxism's Socialist Democracy Series, Considering the Cuban Constitutional Project, From Communist Party to Popular Plebiscite

(Pix © Larry Catá Backer 2019)In this post and those that follow we will begin to flesh out what we see as the great challenges of democracy in illiberal states, and the methods undertaken by the Caribbean (Cuban) form of … Continue reading

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