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Like A Virgin: Brett Kavanaugh's Purity Claims

by Sherry F. ColbDuring his unprecedented FoxNews interview to clear his name, wife by his side, Brett Kavanaugh declared his innocence for all to hear. In the course of answering the interviewer's questions, he asserted that he did not have … Continue reading

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I Wish I’d Known: How the law is just like Hollywood

It’s called typecasting. It happens when you repeatedly get picked to do the same type of thing because the people doing the picking can see you in only one role. When they tell you that you can do “anything with … Continue reading

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How Would You Like to Settle Your Private Student Loans for 30%? And Payable with a Reasonable Payment Plan? Without Further Interest?

When you contact your private student loan company, you likely will be told the only options are: 1) a payment amount that is much higher than you can afford, or 2) to make an interest only payment which makes no … Continue reading

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What Would that Law Firm Merger Look Like? New Tool Allows ‘What-If’ Modeling

Speculation about potential law firm mergers and acquisitions makes for good sport, not to mention serious business. Today, ALM Intelligence released a tool that gives speculators some hard-and-fast data and the ability to model what a potential merger would look … Continue reading

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I Take It Like a Man, But Not When Food Poisoning is Involved

Life is full of lessons. Some are hard, others a bit easier. But the take away – what we learn – is what lessons are all about right? It is how we grow from these lessons that define us as … Continue reading

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