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Linking under US copyright law: green light to its inclusion in the scope of public display right comes from New York

A day in the life of a Kat:from Playboy bunny to …In late 2017 The IPKat reported that, after Europe, it appeared that the interplay between linking and copyright protection had re-surfaced also in the US [use of the term … Continue reading

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Shedding Some Light on a Shady Business: Waymo and Uber Face Off in LiDAR Trade Secret Case

Earlier today, 5 February 2018, in a San Francisco courtroom, lawyers began to lay their arguments for a case that will have big repercussions in the future of self-driving vehicles. In a market that is valued in the multiple trillions … Continue reading

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Winning Your Pedestrian Accident Case in Massachusetts Even if You Crossed Against the Light

If you are injured in an auto accident, there are several things that are vitally important to achieving a successful result. Not the least of these things is making sure that the judge provides your jury with instructions that properly … Continue reading

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This Land is Your Land Rotting cabins, closed trails: why we’re shining a light on US national parks

theguardian: This Land is Your Land Rotting cabins, closed trails: why we’re shining a light on US national parks. “Amid dangers from the Trump administration and climate change, sites including the Grand Canyon and Zion national park are facing yet … Continue reading

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Sixth Circuit Remands Sentence in § 924(c) Case in Light of Dean.

In United States v. Henry, the Sixth Circuit reiterated that district courts have more flexibility in considering the mandatory minimums required by § 924(c)(1) in order to depart from the Guidelines for the underlying predicate convictions.  Michael Henry, who had obtained a reversal … Continue reading

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