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Eight AT&T Buildings and Ten Years of Litigation: Shining a Light on NSA Surveillance

Two reporters recently identified eight AT&T locations in the United States—towering, multi-story buildings—where NSA surveillance occurs on the backbone of the Internet. Their article showed how the agency taps into cables, routers, and switches that handle vast quantities of Internet … Continue reading

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Road Rage Brawl at Florida Traffic Light

Baton Beat-Down at Quiet Intersection Two woman were charged with aggravated battery after beating the crap out of two other women waiting at a quiet Florida intersection. The one-sided brawl took place at a traffic light when an argument led … Continue reading

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New crash test video shows consequences of running a red light

By: Julia Braham CHICAGO (July 26, 2018) – As motor vehicle accident fatalities continue to climb across the United States, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released a video demonstrating the consequences of crashes caused by running a red light. … Continue reading

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Red Light Speeder Causes Accident In Fulton County

The National Traffic Safety Board recommends that the consequences of speeding be more like the consequences of drunk driving. 31% of traffic fatalities between 2005 to 2014 had speed as a factor in the accident. The 112,580 deaths with speed … Continue reading

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No Refund For You! Voluntary Payment Defense Precludes Class Certification in Florida Red Light Camera Case

Florida’s Fifth District Court of Appeal (“Fifth DCA”) upheld a denial of certification in a putative class action seeking refunds of fines paid under a red light camera ordinance, ruling that the application of the voluntary payment defense precluded findings … Continue reading

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