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Paul Allen's Will Sheds Little Light on What Will Happen to Estate

Paul Allen’s six-page will was filed with King County on October 24, the same day that his sister, Jody, was announced as his executor and trustee of his estate. His will did not provide as much clarification as anticipate, instead… … Continue reading

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Do Red Light Cameras Actually Save Lives?

If you are like most people, you detest those red-light cameras and the tickets you get in the mail days or even weeks after you pass through the light. While many people are wanting red-light cameras banned across the country … Continue reading

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McAdams and Corre on New Light on the Trial of Billy Budd

Richard H. McAdams, University of Chicago Law School, and Jacob Corre have published New Light on the Trial of Billy Budd as University of Chicago Public Law Working Paper No. 684. Here is the abstract. We add to the extensive … Continue reading

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EC Publishes Success Story on Controlling Light at the Nanoscale Thanks to Graphene

The European Commission (EC) has published a success story, “Controlling light at the nanoscale thanks to graphene.”  The EC notes graphene, “an atomically thin lattice of carbon, has many exceptional properties.”  A European Union (EU)-funded project is focusing on the … Continue reading

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The #1 Office Perk? Natural Light

Yes – this is true – I have my plants in the hallways – which perks up the otherwise empty space and, but leaves me alone in the dark. I brought a number of them home recently and set them … Continue reading

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