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Life Insurance And ERISA Ruling

Here is a case from the United States 7th Circuit that deals with life insurance when the policy is an Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) policy.  The case is styled, Emma Cehovic-Dixneuf v. Lisa Wong. Pursuant to 29 U.S.C., … Continue reading

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A Court’s Improper Denial of an Amendment Gives a Plaintiff’s Case New Life in Florida Commercial Lease Dispute

In your commercial litigation case, there are several things that are necessary parts of achieving the beneficial result your business needs. One of these is understanding the rules of court procedure and using them accordingly. The proper use of the … Continue reading

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Lessons from a Former Life #4

The final assignment for one of my college theory courses was to write at least 32 bars of music for 4 voices, containing 3 key and 2 time signature changes, that demonstrated 6 of 10 special techniques that we’d been … Continue reading

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Life Insurance And Corporate Beneficiaries

Life insurance lawyers can tell you that sometimes a corporation can be a beneficiary to a life insurance policy.  The key word here is “sometimes” because it does not mean a corporation can always be a beneficiary of a life … Continue reading

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This is what the life of an incel looks like – VICE News

The internet world that keeps Joey in his apartment is “involuntary celibacy.” Joey is an incel, a 23-year-old virgin. Incels believe that they are doomed by society’s cruel rules to never have sex, because they are too ugly or socially … Continue reading

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