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How the New TCJA Tax Law Affects Life Settlements

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has had a notable impact on life settlements. The increase in the estate tax exemption to $11.2 million for individuals and $22.4 million for couples in 2018 necessitates a comprehensive review of insurance policies… … Continue reading

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Co-parenting Hacks For Your Post-Divorce Life

Co-parenting hacks are definitely needed when you deal with your child after your divorce. We all know that the strongest impact and blows from the divorce end up on the children. The divorce will completely change your child’s life and … Continue reading

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How Much of an Income Drop Will Take a Life?

Across the social sciences, a particular relationship reoccurs in study after study: As income rises, people are less likely to die, and, as income falls, people are more likely to die. Not surprisingly, then, economists and decision scientists have for … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Catholic approach to conversations about end of life care

I had the opportunity today to read a very thoughtful article about a meeting of Catholic physicians who are helping their very ill patients to wrestle with hard decisions about whether to utilize palliative care in place of active treatment with … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Last Bus: Reflections in Life and Death

Where do we go when we die? Or is there nowhere to go? Is death something we can do or is it just something that happens to us? Now in his ninth decade, former Bishop of Edinburgh Richard Holloway has … Continue reading

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