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Got Lien? Massachusetts Condominium Liens & 6d Certificates For Unpaid Condo Fees and Special Assessments

Unpaid condo fees and special assessments can be a real thorn in any condominium's side, especially smaller condos. Not only do unpaid condo fees threaten the financial health of a condominium, but a high delinquency rate can run afoul of … Continue reading

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Chapter 13 Debtor May Avoid Lien Created by State Court Judgment on Manufactured Home – Dickson v. Countrywide Home Loans

Our Riverside County foreclosure defense attorneys were interested to see an appeals court decision affirming a victory for a mortgage borrower who sought to strip off a lien on her manufactured home. In Dickson v. Countrywide Home Loans, Countrywide unsuccessfully … Continue reading

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Avoiding A Judgment Lien in Bankruptcy

Once a creditor obtains a judgment against you in court, there are several options available to the creditor to collect on the awarded judgment. One of the often used methods is to record the abstract of judgment with the county … Continue reading

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Appellate Court Holds Mechanics Lien Pursuant to an Oral Contract Valid Under Home Repair and Remodeling Act

Many of us have had work done to our homes at some point, and sometimes difficulties arise during the course of such projects. DiTommaso-Lubin is familiar with the legal issues that arise in such cases, and our lawyers are always … Continue reading

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Lien stripping a second mortgage and the consequences

This post is part of our series dealing with Chapter 13 bankruptcy issues. If you've been following these posts you now know that Chapter 13 calls for debtors to enter into a repayment plan in order to pay down their … Continue reading

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