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How to Win a Michigan Driver's License Restoration Appeal Without Being Involved in AA – Part 1

Can a person win back their Michigan Driver's License without going to AA? This article will address this question, and explain why the answer is not only "yes," but also how and why the majority of the License Appeals I … Continue reading

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How to Clear up a Michigan Hold on Your Driver's License and Get a License in Another State – Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, we began examining the process by which someone who has moved out of Michigan, but has a Michigan "hold" on their Driving Record goes about obtaining a "Clearance," which releases that hold. We observed … Continue reading

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Damages Expert May Not Rely on Unproduced License Within Expert's Personal Knowledge

Plaintiff's motion to exclude portions of defendant's damages expert's opinion was granted as to a license relied upon by the expert that was never produced. "Defendant contends that [the expert] is able to rely on this data because it falls … Continue reading

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Seventh Circuit Says West Can Resell State Drivers License Records To Authorized Users

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that it's OK for West Publishing to acquire driver's license records, store them in a bulk database, and resell that information to authorized users. West was on the receiving end of a… … Continue reading

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Simplifying a Michigan License Appeal and Understanding DAAD Rule 13 – Part 1

As part of my Driver's License Restoration Practice, I have tried, within the License Restoration section of this blog, to explain every aspect and facet of the License Appeal process. Many of those articles examine the varying degrees of complexity … Continue reading

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