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Georgia Hospital Not Liable for Patient’s Death Despite Nurse’s Failure to Follow Orders

Medical malpractice requires proof that a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare provider deviated from the accepted “standard of care,” and that as a direct result of that deviation, the patient suffered some injury. Unfortunately for victims, proving causation is often … Continue reading

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Are You Liable for the Debts of Your Spouse or Future Spouse?

One of the most frequent questions consumer lawyers get is the extent of liability that a spouse has for the debts that are incurred by the other. Sometimes spouses are worried about being responsible for debts incurred by the other … Continue reading

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Who is Liable in a Dog Bite Injury?

Dogs have been considered man’s closest companion for thousands of years. Given the explosion of pet-related services and businesses in the last 10 years, the connection between a dog and its owner is stronger than ever. Most encounters with dogs … Continue reading

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New Report Suggests Banco Popular de Puerto Rico Could Be Held Liable Over Island’s Final Junk Bond Issuance

Four years after Puerto Rico brought to market what became its biggest and final issuance of junk bonds, a 600-page report by disputes and investigative international law firm Kobre & Kim suggests that Banco Popular de Puerto Rico (BPPR) could … Continue reading

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Ohio Court of Appeals Says that Personal Insurer, Rather than Businessowners’ Insurance Carrier, Was Liable for Auto Accident

Being involved in a Cleveland automobile accident can  be  complicated enough without getting in the middle of a fight among multiple insurance companies about which one should pay for the damages you’ve suffered as a result of the accident.Unfortunately, when … Continue reading

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