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Lafourche Parish School Board Potentially Liable for Child Injured in Bus Stop Accident

Entrusting a child to the care of a school bus requires a certain amount of faith that they will arrive at the correct destination, safely.  For any parent or guardian this evokes a certain amount of anxiety. For a parent … Continue reading

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Property owner liable if a firefighter is injured in the line of duty due to the owner's failure to comply with law, rule or regulation that resulted in the injury

General Municipal Law §205-a "gives a firefighter . . . a right of action against any person whose negligent failure to comply with a government provision either  directly or indirectly results in injury" suffered in the "line of duty."A city … Continue reading

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A party not the individual's employer may not be held liable alleged adverse employment actions

The Appellate Division unanimously affirmed Supreme Court's granting the defendant's motion to dismiss Petitioner's complaint, explaining that Plaintiff's allegations relating to disability retirement recommendations of the Police Pension Fund's Medical Board are misdirected as [a] the Police Pension Fund is … Continue reading

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Georgia’s High Court Finds Landlord Not Liable for Attack by Tenant’s Dogs

Earlier this month, the state’s supreme court issued a written opinion in a Georgia dog bite case discussing if a landlord could be liable for injuries that were caused by a tenant’s dog. Ultimately, the court concluded that the plaintiff … Continue reading

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Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302: Can Families Hold the FAA Liable For Certifying the Boeing 737 Max 800 As Safe When It Wasn’t?

Normally, the FAA cannot be sued for doing a bad job certifying an aircraft as safe. But in the case of the 737 Max, things might be different. As a general rule, the FAA cannot be sued as long as, … Continue reading

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