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Funeral Planning Taken to a New Level

In February 2008, the CBS Early Show broadcasted a series entitled Funerals To Die For, describing various funeral planning techniques. These videos are now available online. The following is from Funerals To Die For, cbsnews.com, Feb. 2008, summarizing the broadcasted… … Continue reading

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Representatives from California Aim to Declassify Marijuana at Federal Level

While Attorney General Jeff Sessions is doing all he can to hold states to federal law regarding marijuana, some representatives are pushing to eliminate federal grasp over cannabis altogether and begin the healing process of the destruction caused by the … Continue reading

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Tide 32 Load Bottles: Are They On The Level?

For years, laundry detergent has been sold by the number of uses or loads. One hundred ounce bottles of regular liquid detergent are typically good for 32 loads, for example. Have you noticed, though, that it seems to run out … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Cyber Risk: A Board Level View

It is now well known and understood that cybersecurity is a board level issue. This generalization is true not just for companies in the United States but for all companies around the world. In the following guest post, Joel Pridmore, … Continue reading

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Gold & Smith on Hohfeld & Complex Legal Relationships at the Social Level

Andrew S. Gold (DePaul University College of Law) & Henry E. Smith (Harvard Law School) have posted Scaling Up Legal Relations (The Legacy of Wesley Hohfeld: Edited Major Works, Select Personal Papers, and Original Commentaries (Shyam Balganesh, Ted Sichelman & Henry Smith, eds.) … Continue reading

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