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Letting the Money Changers Back in the Temple

Golden Valley Lending, Inc. is a payday lender that charges 900% interest on consumer loans sold over the internet. Golden Valley relies on the dubious legal dodge of setting up shop on an Indian reservation and electing tribal law in … Continue reading

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South Dakota Lawmakers Thoughtfully Consider Whether Letting Insurers Steal Worker’s Comp Is A Good Idea

Politicians in Pierre may restrict workers’ right to bring conniving insurers to court. Until now, individuals who’ve been ripped off on worker’s compensation have been to file suits against their insurance company. If the law changes, ‘people who are treated … Continue reading

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Letting Your Kids’ Teachers Know About Your Divorce

By: Stephen J. Plog While attending an early morning elementary school band practice with one of my children, I saw something sad and troubling. Though I have had countless occasions in which to hear parents talk about child custody or … Continue reading

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Finding the Right Letting Agent

Letting Agents : You will find a number of why you want to to hiring real estate, using most of incidents its absolutely essential most people invest some time making sure of you decide on and also type some sort … Continue reading

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Letting Prosecutors Think For You

Early on in the Duke lacrosse case, bloggers and journalists had to make an important decision: Do you identify the accuser? The Associated Press position is to never identify an accuser in a sexual assault case on the theory that … Continue reading

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