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Lessons from a Former Life #4

The final assignment for one of my college theory courses was to write at least 32 bars of music for 4 voices, containing 3 key and 2 time signature changes, that demonstrated 6 of 10 special techniques that we’d been … Continue reading

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Lessons from a Former Life #3

Capture d’écran de Musescore 1.2 utilisé sous KDEWhen I first moved to NY, I wrote all my music out by hand.  I’d buy staff paper with the lines pre-drawn, and I’d fill in clefs, time signatures, key signatures, measures, notes, … Continue reading

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Lessons from a Former Life #1

via GiphyWhen I was a young man, I hated practicing the piano.  Beethoven. Haydn. Schumann. Boring. And truth be told, I was never a very good pianist, but I loved playing the piano.  I would sit and play for hours, … Continue reading

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Haynes v Hooters – hard lessons about ADA website litigation

This is not the owl of Athens, a symbol of wisdom associated with the goddess Athena. Nonetheless, there is some wisdom to be gained by taking a look at Haynes v. Hooters of Am., LLC, 17-13170, 2018 WL 3030840 (11th Cir. … Continue reading

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Lessons To Be Learned in a Medical Device Inventor’s Journey

Sometimes medical device inventors need to travel back in time to analyze earlier innovators who have crossed the divide from being a dreamer to becoming a successful patent holder with regular annuities and royalties from their invention.   But even when … Continue reading

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