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Lessons from State Implementation of Marijuana Legalization

The movement to end cannabis prohibitions in the United States continued its steady advance in the 2018 midterm elections, with voters in three states approving ballot measures to regulate but not prohibit the use of marijuana for medical purposes or … Continue reading

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Financial Lessons From Furloughed Federal Workers

The plight of workers going without pay because of the government shut down looms over our news. If our incomes haven’t been affected, it’s easy to see this as someone else’s problem. But are the rest of us really immune … Continue reading

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Driving Lessons from Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation

  Every Christmas Eve, after church and dinner, you will find our family in our living room with the Christmas tree on, and the lights turned down, ready to watch Christmas Vacation.  We have seen the movie so many times … Continue reading

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"How Legalizing Marijuana Is Securing the Border: The Border Wall, Drug Smuggling, and Lessons for Immigration Policy"

The title of this post is the title of this interesting and timely new Cato Institute policy analysis authored by David J. Bier. Here is its executive summary: President Trump has repeatedly cited drug smuggling to justify a border wall. … Continue reading

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Money medicine: Student loan lessons from the flu

This past week I’ve had excruciating headaches, terrible chills, and an awful fever. My week with the flu has taught me a very valuable lesson: don’t procrastinate on the flu shot. Sure it sucks to pay the $25 and get … Continue reading

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