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Yet Another Lesson from the Cambridge Analytica Fiasco: Remove the Barriers to User Privacy Control

Last weekend’s Cambridge Analytica news—that the company was able to access tens of millions of users’ data by paying low-wage workers on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to take a Facebook survey, which gave Cambridge Analytica access to Facebook’s dossier on each … Continue reading

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Davos Memo: For Mnuchin, a Lesson in How Comments Can Move Markets

Steven Mnuchin, whose statement on the dollar caused a tumble, joins many Treasury secretaries whose words have been given more meaning than intended. Read more detail on Recent Business Law posts –

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A Post Guaranteed to Give a Lesson on Money Back Guarantees (or Your Money Back)

Ever hear of the “Trial Mark”?  In 1869, for his home brewed medicinal products J.R. Watkins created bottles that included an embossed “Trial Mark.” Mr. Watkins sold his products door-to-door and offered the first Money Back Guarantee to consumers, provided … Continue reading

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Twitter, Inc., Learns a Lesson in Trademark Registration

In 2009, Twitter filed for "Tweet" but the USPTO declined the registration because the marks "Let Your Ad Meet Tweets" and "Tweet" are confusingly similar. Twitter filed its motion for declaratory judgment to cancel Twittad's mark. New businesses are cautioned … Continue reading

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Dunkin's Expensive Lesson – Franchise Relationships

What is worse: a lack of memory or a lack of morals? The recent appeal by Dunkin' Chief Operating Officer Paul Twohig, caught unaware when a company story went viral, reminds us that even expensive lessons may be quickly forgotten. … Continue reading

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