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Twitter, Inc., Learns a Lesson in Trademark Registration

In 2009, Twitter filed for "Tweet" but the USPTO declined the registration because the marks "Let Your Ad Meet Tweets" and "Tweet" are confusingly similar. Twitter filed its motion for declaratory judgment to cancel Twittad's mark. New businesses are cautioned … Continue reading

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Dunkin's Expensive Lesson – Franchise Relationships

What is worse: a lack of memory or a lack of morals? The recent appeal by Dunkin' Chief Operating Officer Paul Twohig, caught unaware when a company story went viral, reminds us that even expensive lessons may be quickly forgotten. … Continue reading

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A Lesson In Vocabulary: "Indubitable Equivalence"

Chapter 11 practice – like so many other professional service specialties – is regrettably jargon-laden. Businesses that need to get their financial affairs in order "enter restructuring." Those that must re-negotiate their debt obligations attempt to "de-leverage." And those facing … Continue reading

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The Boston Massacre, an anniversary and lesson

The Boston Massacre occurred 241 years ago this week. Konstantin Kakaes, a writer at The Daily, a new online magazine, summarized the key facts of this critical moment in our nation's history. Three men died and two others were mortally … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Patient Recruiter For L.A. Medical Clinics And DMEs Sentenced To 21 Months In Federal Prison By Judge Walter: Lesson On Due Diligence In Hiring Marketers For Your Practice

A recent federal heath care fraud case alerts clinics as to how some marketers could be recruiting patients by paying those patients to go to clinics or receive DME. Before any marketer is hired, it is critical that the marketing … Continue reading

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