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Maine legislature final enacts framework for regulating marijuana sales 18 months after initiative vote for legalization

As reported in this local article, on Wednesday the Maine legislature "overturned a veto by Gov. Paul LePage that would have again stalled the legal sale of recreational marijuana, moving Maine a major step closer to launching a legal retail … Continue reading

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Sidestepping Legislature, New York Governor Restores Voting Rights to Parolees

Parolees with felony convictions will soon gain the right to vote under a controversial executive order signed earlier this month by New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D). Beginning May 1, New York’s 35,000 felony parolees will become eligible to … Continue reading

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Idaho Legislature Repeals 2016 Changes to Non-Compete Law

Nicole Snyder by Nicole Snyder and A. Dean Bennett When a new business comes to town, when an existing business seeks to expand, or when a startup is making its way off the ground, it may want (or need) to … Continue reading

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Large ISPs that Orchestrated the Repeal of the Open Internet Order Ask California’s Legislature to Stand Down and Just Let Them Win Already

The fight to protect Internet freedom is coming to California this month as the Senate Energy and Utilities Committee (April 17) and Senate Judiciary Committee (April 24) have scheduled hearings and votes on Senator Wiener’s S.B. 822, comprehensive legislation that … Continue reading

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California’s Legislature Seeks to Protect Network Neutrality and Promote ISP Competition

In response to the rollback of federal network neutrality protections, this year more than 20 states have taken up the mantle of protector of a free and open Internet. Washington has already passed a law and Oregon’s waits to be … Continue reading

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