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Programa Via Legal mostra condenação de internauta que fez comentário racista no YouTube

Esse é um dos destaques do programa Via Legal, que vai mostrar, também, que viajar a passeio faz bem para o corpo e para a mente. Mas não são raros pequenos acidentes durante as viagens. Em Florianópolis, postos de saúde … Continue reading

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The Face of Legal Technology in 2018

The Face of Legal Technology in 2018 (and What it Means for the Future of Access to Justice) By Kristen Sonday, Paladin Updated: May 8, 2018. “Introduction – In recent years, a curious paradox has emerged: There is far more … Continue reading

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Survey: Incomplete Legal Research Impacts Case Outcomes

Incomplete legal research by lawyers impacts case outcomes. Who would have thunk it? A research study worthy of circulating to your outside counsel: Most judges in a survey say that they see lawyers miss relevant precedent in their legal research … Continue reading

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Opioid Lawsuits: Drug Companies Develop Legal Defenses to Avoid Paying Claims

If you have read any newspaper in the last year, you know that prescription opioids have caused massive suffering in this country. Addiction has skyrocketed. Sadly, deaths from overdoses and even opioid-related suicides have dramatically increased as well. In 2016 … Continue reading

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California Legal Ethics Overhaul Brings State Closer to National Standards

After many years and an unsuccessful multi-year attempt that ended 2014, California has extensively revised its Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers, bringing them more closely in line with the American Bar Association (ABA) Model Rules of Professional Conduct (“Model Rules”), which … Continue reading

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