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Legal Theory Bookworm: "The Right to Do Wrong" by Osiel

The Legal Theory Bookworm recommends The Right to Do Wrong: Morality and the Limits of Law by Mark Osiel.  Here is a description: Common morality―in the form of shame, outrage, and stigma―has always been society’s first line of defense against ethical transgressions. Social … Continue reading

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Bypassing Intransigent Legal Institutions

Mariana Mota Prado & Michael J. Trebilcock, Institutional Bypasses (2018). Jedidiah Kroncke An implicit, if not often explicit, premise of the cluster of work often identified as “law and development” is that there are distinct spheres of legal reform activities in … Continue reading

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Online Legal Document Providers and the Public Interest

Fortney, Susan Saab, Online Legal Document Providers and the Public Interest: Using a Certification Approach to Balance Access to Justice and Public Protection (March 5, 2019). Oklahoma Law Review, (symposium on Lawyering in the Age of Artificial Intelligence), Forthcoming. Available … Continue reading

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Back to the Future (Again) Regarding the Regulation of Legal Services

William D. Henderson, Legal Market Landscape Report Commissioned by the State Bar of California (July 2018). Laurel Terry In July 2018, the State Bar of California authorized the formation of a Task Force on Access Through Innovation of Legal Services. This … Continue reading

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Sperm Donor Tells Australian High Court He is the Legal Father to Lesbian Couple's Daughter

Robert Masson, as he is known to Australia's High Court, claims that he is the legal father to a lesbian couple's young daughter. He states that one of the women, a friend of his for 25 years, approached him to… … Continue reading

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