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Legal Basics: Questions a NY Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help You Address

An estate planning attorney has the potential to help with a number of issues. Making sure to review all applicable issues with your attorney, however, can prove particularly difficult. Some people are not even sure what issues to bring up … Continue reading

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Looking for real changes for real diversity in the legal world (podcast)

What unique challenges to people of color face in the legal profession and what can be done to effectively address these issues? In this episode of the ABA Law Student Podcast, host Kristoffer Butler talks to Jerome Crawford and Tiffany Buckley-Norwood about how … Continue reading

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Law bloggers as citizen journalists and legal commentators shape the law

Legal blogging is often referred to as content marketing.  But watching the depth and breath of the law blog posts on our network, I continue to see legal blogging as something so much more important. Not only has legal blogging … Continue reading

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The Future of the Law Includes More than the Legal Elite

In an article on LawSites entitled “Five Days, Two Conferences, One Echo Chamber,” Massachusetts lawyer and legal journalist Bob Ambrogi describes his recent attendance at two legal conferences held in New York City in early February, Legalweek (now in its 37th … Continue reading

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Legal Theory Lexicon: The Construction Zone

Introduction Law students quickly learn that many legal texts are vague or open-textured.  Words like "reasonable" and phrases like "freedom of speech" do not provide bright-line rules for their application.  This lack of precision creates a zone of underdeterminacy, where … Continue reading

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