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Lunney’s Paradox: More Copyright May Lead to Less Creativity

Glynn Lunney, Copyright’s Excess: Money and Music in the US Recording Industry (2018). Christopher J. Sprigman The title of Glynn Lunney’s new book, Copyright’s Excess, presents a puzzle for those of us who have reflected on the nature and function of … Continue reading

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Foreclosure Worries Lead to Suicide

KATU News reports that an elderly Oregon couple committed suicide this week by running their car in their garage while leaving the house door open. Officials involved with the investigation reportedly suspect that the couple believed they had few choices… … Continue reading

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Buyouts Lead to Less Innovation, New Research Shows

Antitrust law and economics scholars don't pay enough attention to literatures outside of law and economics (finance, management, information systems, supply chain management, marketing). This much was clear from the FTC hearings, where a number of panelists from practice (and… … Continue reading

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When Margin Calls Lead to Investor Fraud Losses

If you are an investor that has lost money because of an unsuitable margin call in your investment account, you may have grounds for filing a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration claim to try and recover your losses. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Negligent Treatment of Postoperative Infection and Death Lead to Undisclosed Settlement

Ana Mejia, 35, was admitted to an undisclosed hospital to undergo a tubal ligation following the birth of her third child. The procedure was done by a doctor employed by the Public Health Service. Although she experienced postoperative bleeding and … Continue reading

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