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Where Do Lawyers Prefer To Meet With Clients?

A few weeks ago I asked lawyers how they preferred to communicate with their clients. The overwhelming response was email. Which completely makes sense. It’s asynchronous, provides a written record, and can include attachments. But sometimes you do need to … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Ten Crypto-Caveats Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled Should Have Heard From Their Lawyers

Among the many problems that have come to light in the current cryptocurrency craze have been problems relating to celebrity endorsements for initial coin offerings (ICO). In the following guest post, John Reed Stark, President of John Reed Stark Consulting … Continue reading

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Study: Lawyers Rank Highest on Loneliness Scale

The loneliness scale, yes, it is a real thing. And apparently lawyers rank highest on this scale which, like the bathroom scale, is not usually the result sought. But maybe this doesn’t affect all types of lawyers equally. And if … Continue reading

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Kennedy and Mighells The Lawyers Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies

Written by two widely recognized experts in the field, Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell, this is the first comprehensive guide to collaboration technologies dedicated to the special requirements of lawyers and law firms — a must have title! [JH] The… … Continue reading

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Authenticating Social Media Evidence Is Harder Than Lawyers Think

Let’s play a game. You’re the judge. Under the following facts, is the social media evidence admissible? After obtaining a Court Order allowing him to obtain a criminal defendant’s Facebook records, the prosecutor files a motion seeking permission to introduce … Continue reading

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