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Chicago Lawyer: Shelter collapse settlement sets records

CHICAGO (October 12, 2018) – Potential jurors might have suspected this case was different during voir dire. In addition to the usual questions on bias and conflicts of interest, they were asked if they could sign off on a verdict of … Continue reading

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Are All Free Legal Services the Same for the Volunteer Lawyer? Teaching Students to Evaluate Post-Graduate Pro Bono Opportunities

Law students are taught the importance and desirability of pro bono work, and rightfully so. Pro bono service has obvious benefits to our students, to young lawyers, and to society. In 2012, New York emphasized its commitment to pro bono by becoming the first … Continue reading

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Quebec Superior Court Judge Busted for Using Cocaine as a Lawyer

Judges who sit in provincial Supreme or Superior Courts (also Queen’s Bench judges), or Courts of Appeal are governed by the Canadian Judicial Council, a body of judges who consider and review complaints made about these judges. Mr. Justice Michel … Continue reading

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Why Hire a New Jersey Debt Settlement Lawyer?

Severe financial debt can come with a number of consequences. In addition to the impact to your credit score and constant stress, you may get to a point where your creditors choose to pursue action against you. If you continue … Continue reading

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Online Security Basics for the Busy Lawyer

Every lawyer that has a busy practice has a thousand things to worry about every day of the week. It is easy to let the day-to-day chaos of a law office over-shadow the importance of protecting the data in your … Continue reading

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