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Latest seemingly encouraging news on debate over FIRST STEP Act

Read more detail on Recent Law Professor posts –

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How to Read Michael Cohen's Latest Plea and Its Revelations About the Trump Organization

President Trump could be forgiven if he feels like the walls are closing in on him. In just the past few days, Robert Mueller’s office apparently has been gearing up for action against Trump associates Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone. … Continue reading

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The Latest Word on Unjust Enrichment

This is an important decision for everyone who comes across equitable relief in their practice. In March 2017 a divided panel of the Ontario Court of Appeal in Moore v. Sweet overturned a finding of unjust enrichment on the ground … Continue reading

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Competition Lore podcast – latest episode with Hal Varian

The latest episode of the podcast is out with an interview with Hal Varian, “Google, our God?”: https://competitionlore.com/podcasts/google-trust/. Read more detail on Recent Antitrust posts –

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ID Comms Releases Latest Report on Media Transparency

ID Comms, a media and advertising consultant, recently released its 2018 Media Transparency Report. While the Report indicates that the advertising industry is hopeful that trust and transparency may improve down the road, it paints a rather bleak view of … Continue reading

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