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Federal Court Refuses to Force National Labor Relations Board to Reopen Wrongful Termination Case

When workers are party to a collective bargaining agreement, they typically have rights beyond those generally afforded to employees under the law. When an employer runs afoul of the provisions of such an agreement, there may be consequences, including an … Continue reading

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New Department of Labor proposed rule ddressing calculation of employee’s regular rate of pay

For the first time in 50 years, the Department of Labor is proposing a rule to address the calculation of an employee’s regular rate of pay; an employee’s regular rate is used to determine the applicable overtime rate, and the … Continue reading

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2019 Mexican Federal Labor Law Amendment

On May 1, 2019, Mexico’s Federal Official Gazette published a decree setting forth major amendments to Mexico’s Federal Labor Law (FLL) (Decree). The Decree follows and articulates the February 2017 amendment to the Federal Constitution that, among other things, (i) … Continue reading

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<em>PruneYard</em> Undone: California's Union Easement – Which Invites Labor Organizers To Enter Private Property – Isn't A Physical Taking

The title of this post may have you wondering, especially the part about how a regulation that invites others to physically enter private property, is analyzed by a court as a Penn Central taking and not a physical taking.  At … Continue reading

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Prolonging the Second Stage of Labor can Have Negative Effects on Mom and Baby

Did you know that there are three stages of labor? It’s true. The first stage of labor refers to the period between the onset of labor and the point when a woman’s cervix is dilated to 10 centimeters; the second … Continue reading

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