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Everything you need to know about the Decree Absolute

Divorce in England and Wales can be a time-consuming, expensive and often confusing process. On average, it may take you as long as 20-22 weeks to conclude the divorce process. This is normally done via a decree absolute: the final … Continue reading

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Coming Soon to a Courtroom Near You? What Lawyers Should Know About Deepfake Videos

The Recorder (Law.com / paywall] via free access on Yahoo} “Are rules that guard against forged or tampered evidence enough to prevent deepfake videos from making their way into court cases? …If you follow technology, it’s likely you’re in a panic over … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About IRAs and Your Divorce

There are a lot of things that you might be sure of right now, but one thing you will never be able to prepare for what to do during or after a divorce. It’s not only the emotional toll that … Continue reading

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Top Legal Issues Real Estate Agents Should Know

Sellers hire brokers to help a buyer for their real estate. Brokers have numerous duties that they must meet in order to earn their fee. The standard brokerage fee is a percentage of the sales price which is paid when … Continue reading

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Virginia Special Needs Planning Lawyer: Who Needs to Know about My Child’s Special Needs Plan?

by Virginia Special Needs Planning Lawyer Sheri Abrams Creating a special needs plan is an important step that parents of children with disabilities can take to make sure that their child is prepared for life without mom or dad, and … Continue reading

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