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Know about the mortgage forgiveness debt relief act

Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act can help the financially crippled homeowners during foreclosure procedure. According to the pre existing law, the borrower gets 1099 income tax form for the amount that has been forgiven by a lender during foreclosure or … Continue reading

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Filing a Divorce Petition: What You Need to Know

There are five basic stages to a divorce proceeding. Filing a divorce petition is the first. Any Divorce, even one on friendly terms where everything is agreed, must begin with the filing of an "original petition for divorce" in a … Continue reading

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Another Way to Know That the Keynesians Are Right

— Posted by Neil H. Buchanan The annual ritual of granting the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, incorrectly known as "the Nobel Prize in Economics," is always attended by a sub-ritual in which politicians … Continue reading

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What We Think We Know

— Posted by Neil H. Buchanan I did not plan it this way, but my last two Verdict columns (here and here), and their associated Dorf on Law posts (here and here), had a common theme: challenging the conventional wisdom … Continue reading

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Do You Know How Much You Are Worth In The Eyes Of The IRS

Do you know how much you are worth upon your death? One of the first things I go over with a potential client are their assets. I need to gather all the asset information in order to properly counsel the … Continue reading

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