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FTC Warns Ukraine Company: You Can’t Let Kids Use Your Dating Apps

With more and more children becoming technologically savvy, parents are having to rely more heavily on laws such as the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) to shield their children’s information. The FTC recently issued a warning letter to a … Continue reading

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Co-Parenting: More Decisions As Kids Get Older

If parents separate when their children are young, hopefully by the time the children are teens, they have a level of cooperation that provides for smooth co-parenting decisions. And if the children are teens when the parents separate, it can … Continue reading

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American College of Pediatricians Say Gender Switches in Kids is Child Abuse

Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.comThe American College of Pediatricians, a conservative Judeo-Christian group of pediatric professionals, has declared that “fiddling” with children’s genders is a form of child abuse. The College’s statement includes the following: “1. Human sexuality is … Continue reading

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Affirmative Action for White Kids?

A recent lawsuit against Harvard College alleges that its admissions procedures covertly discriminate against Asian-American candidates.  This lawsuit has national importance because the admission procedures at Harvard are very much like those used at other elite schools.  https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/02/us/harvard-trial-college-admissions.html?ref=oembed Discovery in  … Continue reading

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Can Your Ex Stop Your Kids From Playing Sports?

You probably noticed, but kids today are busier than ever before. They’re more active and their time is far more regimented than most of us where when we were that age. Or even now, in some cases. Cluttered with extracurricular … Continue reading

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