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Having Kids Later in Life? Here’s What You Should Consider When Planning Your Estate

More people are choosing to have children later on in life. No matter what stage of life you have a child in, they can bring an abundance of joy and fulfillment—and financial challenges! While all parents work hard to ensure … Continue reading

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Great article on what your kids need during a divorce

Great article:Divorce is never easy – but here’s what your kids need most from you Read more detail on Recent Family Law posts –

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Hard Words Why aren’t kids being taught to read?

American Public Media Reports – “…The basic assumption that underlies typical reading instruction in many schools is that learning to read is a natural process, much like learning to talk. But decades of scientific research has revealed that reading doesn’t … Continue reading

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The Kids Are Alright: Tips for the Divorced Parent to get through the New School Year

As the line from one of my favorite White Stripes songs goes, “Fall is Here, Hear the Yell, Back to School, Ring the Bell…” I know when the new school year has arrived in my house because the boys are getting the last … Continue reading

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Talking to Kids About Divorce

Tackling a divorce is one of the greatest challenges any person will ever face. Separating spouses often have to deal with a host of emotional, financial, and logistical issues both during and after divorce proceedings. From coping with the loss … Continue reading

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