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Justice Kennedy Really Screwed Up

First, he waited until the last day of the Term to announce his retirement. This shortened the timeframe for deliberating on a Supreme Court nomination and for vetting a nominee. Second, he retired effective July 31, 2018. Thus, we now … Continue reading

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David Brooks and Justice Kennedy

Much of the discussion about the possible elevation of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court has centered on whether Roe v. Wade would be overturned. In fact, as Justice Blackmun emphasized in Planed Parenthood v. Casey, Roe has already been … Continue reading

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The John F. Kennedy Assassination Collection: New Database from HeinOnline

John F. Kennedy Assassination database in HeinOnline Continue reading » Read more detail on Recent Law Librarian posts –

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Who Will Trump Select to Replace Retiring US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy?

Last week, US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he is retiring as of the end of this month.Who might Trump be thinking of as his replacement?The California-based non-profit Free Law Project has compiled Trump’s Supreme Court List: "In response … Continue reading

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Anthony Kennedy: The Judge Who Never Left the Republican Party

When the Republican Party in 1980 nominated Ronald Reagan for president and Al D’Amato captured the Republican nomination for the New York Senate seat, I walked out.  Over the next forty years, prominent Republican members of the federal judiciary trod … Continue reading

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