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How Long Should You Keep Tax Records?

A popular client question has always been, “How long should I keep my tax returns?”  My answer is something many neither expect nor want to hear. Many tax professionals, and even the IRS, suggest discarding tax documents after a certain … Continue reading

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What Property Can You Keep Under Chapter 7 in Pennsylvania?

What Property Can You Keep Under Chapter 7 in Pennsylvania? When a person considers filing bankruptcy in Pennsylvania, they often fear that the bank will take everything they have. Thankfully that’s an unfounded fear. While Chapter 7 bankruptcy does mean … Continue reading

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Untimely Protest? “Diligent Pursuit” may Keep Your Protest Alive

Contractors who have filed or have considered filing a Bid Protest based on a mistake by an agency know that they have very little time to recognize an issue and take action before the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Typically, a … Continue reading

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The Trump immigration plan? Keep whites in U.S. majority

The Trump administration has put forward a series of immigration initiatives, like no other modern President or perhaps any U.S. President ever. One might wonder what the overall goal is of the various initiatives. Here is one possibility. As Jeff… … Continue reading

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PERAZZO LAW SERVES PREMISES LIABILITY AND FOOD POISONING CLAIMS KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY FOOD! MIAMI-DADE. A recent string of inspections led by the Department of Agriculture found that food outlets, distributors, and warehouses across Miami-Dade were in direct violation … Continue reading

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