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Remember to Exercise Super Judgment When Discussing the Big Game

The matchup for the National Football League’s championship game, aka the “Super Bowl”, is set. The Los Angeles Rams will face the New England Patriots on Sunday, February 3 in Atlanta in a game that will be hard pressed to exceed … Continue reading

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Can You Owe Your Own Insurance Company Money After Winning a Personal Injury Judgment?

Following a car accident, you may receive certain benefits from your own insurance company. If you later end up suing a negligent third party for damages related to the accident, your insurer may have the right to recover part of … Continue reading

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Alimony in NJ: Bermeo v Bermeo and Post Judgment Modification

For long-term relationships, the question of alimony in NJ is often hotly contested in a dissolution of marriage case. In a recent New Jersey Case, Bermeo v Bermeo, the court decided whether or not to increase alimony payments after a … Continue reading

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What’s in a judgment anyway?

In November a journalist I know and respect took to social media to air her concerns about the probity of family court process as regards transcripts of hearings. She did so in good faith based upon ‘authoritative’ information she had … Continue reading

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Homestead Protection From Alimony and Support Judgment

A Florida  judgment was entered against a client for alimony and support in October 2017. The client had purchased a Florida home in 2013, but he was not a legal U.S. resident at the time having moved from Canada. He … Continue reading

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