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[Irina Manta] Judging Neomi Rao

Why college writings are complicated but the perfect solution fallacy is worse.The legal world has been abuzz with the nomination of Neomi Rao, and my coblogger Jonathan Adler has detailed her accomplished background here. He has also criticized the focus … Continue reading

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Bad Superfund Judging — Like, Saints/Rams Bad

Last month’s decision in Ohio v. Breen was the most blatantly, obviously, and incontrovertibly wrong Superfund decision I have ever come across.  How wrong was it?  Saints/Rams level wrong.   The case involved Superfund claims brought by the state of Ohio … Continue reading

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Judging Patents by their Rejection Use

The quest for an objective measure of patent quality continues. Scholars have attempted many, many ways to calculate such value, including citations, maintenance fee payments, number of claims, length of claims, and so forth. As each new data source has … Continue reading

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344. ABCs of judging

We met Floridas Judge Michael E. Allen in post 272.  He got in trouble with the otherwise-rational Florida Judicial Qualification Commission by poaching on its turf.  As the Commission explained in its complaint, its unethical for a judge to let … Continue reading

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Judging Judicial Minimalism

The Court avoided the issue of partisan gerrymandering yesterday by remanding Gill v. Whitford on standing grounds. A number of commentators have noticed the Court's recent minimalism. Garret Epps asserts that the “Court so far has taken every possible opportunity … Continue reading

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