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Should there be (and will there be) an appeal of federal judge's imposition of "shorter sentence because … of [defendant's] decision to be sterilized"?

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Getting LLC Definitions Wrong: It's Not Always the Judge's Fault

As I have noted in the past, it is not just judges that make the mistake of calling limited liability companies (LLCs), "limited liability corporations." Today, I got a notice of a Texas case using the later definition. Here's the… … Continue reading

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Texas Gay Couple to Challenge Judge's Custody Ruling

William Flowers, who divorced his ex-wife, Lacey, in 2004, has lost his battle for primary custody of his 14-year-old son and 9-year-old twin daughters, arguing the Texas judge ruled against him because he's homophobic. Now Flowers, who married his husband, … Continue reading

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Divorced Father Challenges Judge's Order to Shut Down His Blog

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How Does a Divorce Judge Look at Your Case? A Suffolk County Judge's View From The Inside

One of the most interesting things about practicing divorce law is the difference between how a client views their case and how the Court thinks about the case. I spend hours and hours each week counseling my clients about the … Continue reading

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